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Project Description
Procrastination Kit for Visual Studio its a framework that lets you interact with Web 2.0 applications (like Twitter or MSN) within the IDE's code editor, based in the use of comment tokens.

The Procrastination Kit For Visual Studio (PK4VS) is a Framework that lets you manipulate programmatically the Visual Studio's IDE in a easy and cleaner way. It's mostly thinked as a way to iterate with external applications and/or websites though the code comments (VB and C#).

Currently, the code implements a light version of Twitter. So, with this example we are able to post tweets directly from the IDE's code editor with something like:

using System;
public class HelloWorld
   public static void Main(params string[] args)
        //twitter.tweet: Hi from PK4VS!!!!

Currently the code is in a Pre-Alpha version. We are making some improvements in performance, multithreading, pseudo-autocompletion code in comments and the integration of Windows Messenger into the IDE.

Besides, I wanna make aknowledge that this project wouldt be posible without the use of the which provides an excellent framework to start up.

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